Light compote
All the best at once - that is what can be said about this compote. Tender peach and juicy nectarine are the perfect combination at any time of year.


Preservative free

DOES NOT contain colorants

Without GMO

The "light" Grante compote is a refined harmony of taste, where each ingredient takes its place carefully. Created without fuss and rush, this compote is especially close to people who seek unity with nature. Compots in this series contain fructose and stevia, they will taste not only gourmets, but also ideal as a diet product.  

  • From Fresh Berries Seasonal production.
  • Healthy food: with fructose and stevia!
  • LIGHT! 2 times less calories! Ideal as a dietary product.
  • Original Assortment Exquisite harmony of taste!

Grante Compots are poured into glass bottles with a capacity of 1,000 ml (1 liter). As a cover is used gold cover type twiss-off. Label and ribbon are made of durable material - metallized paper, which gives a shine in the separately thought out design elements. The protective tape, which is attached to the cap and neck of the bottle, emphasizes the premiumity of compotes and serves as an additional protective element against opening the bottle.  


Grante products are subject to constant quality control at all stages of production. The laboratory of the plant, which carries out complex chemical-technical and bacteriological control of production, is equipped with the most modern equipment and consists of three main departments:


(to control the organoleptic characteristics of products)

microbiology department

(with sowing chamber and thermostatic holding)

chemical department

(for chemical analytical research and control)

Ingridients: Peach, Nectarine, Fructose, Natural Sweetener Stevioside, Ascorbic Acid, Water.  

Volume: 1000 ml.