The unique technology of careful production, developed by the team of Aznar FoodLab is used on our factory. It allows to exclude any harmful additives from our products. Total control throughout all stages of production - from the selection of suppliers to the release of the product - guarantees high quality as a result. 

The "green" technology of production is used in our plant. It means that there is no garbage, peelings, and other waste left when processing the pomegranates that come to the plant for juice production. The whole pomegranate, from the peel to the seeds, becomes a source of incredible benefit. 

For example, tanin is extracted from the peel. It is used in medicine and cosmetology for the production of natural creams. And the premium pomegranate oil is squeezed out of the pomegranate seeds, which is highly appreciated by everyone who knows a lot about personal care.