Within 50 years of the creation of products from the freshest and healthiest fruits, we have realized what the ideal pomegranate should be for a truly quality product. That is why we use specially cultivated varieties of pomegranates, like "Gulesh", "Bala Mursal", "Nazik Kabug", "Shah Nar", "Gyrmyzy Gabug", which are grown in Geokchay region with a unique climate and excellent soil composition.


Grante juice is present on almost all continents and is delivered to many countries of the world, namely: the USA, Canada, Israel, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, and others. We are expanding the sales geography up to the present day, but we do not lose in quality because of volumes. The most important thing for us is natural products, which we are not ashamed of.
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ORGANIC certificate, Bio.Inspecta European Certification Company (Switzerland)
  • prohibition of organic food irradiation
  • prohibition on genetically modified organisms
  • refusal of crop protection using synthetic chemicals
  • rejection of mineral fertilizers, with low solubility
  • the soil must be of proper quality for animal husbandry, forage production, etc.
  • rejection of antibiotics or stimulant fertilizers.
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over 14 awards and certificates
Certificate of conformity of food products with the requirements of the Islamic religion
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TÜV Austria
Certificate of International Food Safety Management Standard ISO 22000:2005
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Certificate of product conformity to kosher standards
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TÜV Austria
Food Safety Certificate HACCP
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USDA Organic
Certificate of product conformity with organic production requirements and rules
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Natural products only


Pomegranates are grown almost in all regions of Azerbaijan, but the center of cultivation of the best varieties of pomegranates is the Shirvan region, located in the dry subtropical zone of the Geokchay region. Pomegranates of Geokchay have won world recognition and have become synonymous with "real Azerbaijan pomegranates" and are valued all over the world. The secret of perfect taste and useful properties of Geokchay pomegranates is the unique microclimate and special soil composition, that are not found anywhere else in the world.
0% of preservation agents, 0% dyes, 0% reconstitution

We consider ourselves mediators between nature and man only - the ideal allies. We just delicately reveal people what it has created.



The weight fraction of juice in nectars and juice-containing drinks does not exceed 40%. And if you look at the number of nutrients that remain in the juice after recovery, you can only talk about 25%.

Try the real Grante pomegranate juice of direct squeezing - the sun of Azerbaijan in each bottle!

The pomegranate is rightfully considered one of the most useful fruits that can be found on the shelves of stores. And how many beliefs are associated with it! The "Paradise apple" is the name of the followers of the legend according to which the pomegranate caused the fall of Eve. It appears in the paintings of famous artists, depicted on icons, and it is mentioned in the sacred books. Besides, pomegranate fruit is a symbol of Azerbaijan, where the best varieties of this berry are cultivated. You heard right that pomegranate belongs to berries exactly and grows on the bushes, which are used by man in various spheres of life. A huge number of unique substances are detected in the roots, flowers, leaves of the pomegranate tree. In short, pomegranate is a unique work of nature, a symbol of fertility, a treasure trove of vitamins, and one of the best things created by Allah - this is what is written in the Quran. We do not argue with the main book of all Muslims, on the contrary, we offer to try the unique fruit in a convenient format by your own - to buy directly squeezed pomegranate juice from Azerbaijan. Delicious, healthy, delightfully colorful!

Pomegranate juice: the benefit of natural vitamins for your health.

The amazing properties of this drink are world-famous, and today you have the opportunity to enjoy it easily at any time of the year. The proximity of sunny Azerbaijan to Russia provides direct supplies of the freshest products from AZNAR factory to all cities. This ensures that you can drink pomegranate juice even every day, just find the nearest partner store, where a wide range of our products is sold. Among them: sauces, nectars, compotes, jams of 100% natural raw materials. The benefit of pomegranates and pomegranate juice is invaluable for all our customers:

  • Directly squeezed natural pomegranate juice has a positive effect on the properties of blood, helps the production of erythrocytes, saturates the blood with iron. It is indispensable for women during pregnancy and menstrual bleeding. High-quality pomegranate juice increases hemoglobin, relieves pain, helps normalize endocrine profile. Dear women, it is more than just to drink it, but to take it regularly!
  • People with heart disease may also feel the effect of using the pomegranate juice. It helps to remove cholesterol plaques, perfectly cleans vessels and it is a preventive measure of varicosity, atherosclerosis. Those who drink natural pomegranate juice regularly are less vulnerable to cerebral accidents and infarcts.
  • Men, this section is for you. In case of any problems in the genital sphere - it's time to buy pomegranate juice!  It is an effective "virility" increaser: it improves blood circulation to the groin, increases the ability to conceive, and helps slow down the growth of a prostate tumor. Is it possible to use pomegranate juice having some problems in the genital sphere? Absolutely! Just one glass a day is enough for increasing testosterone production, enhance mood, and increase sexual desire.
  • What is the use of pomegranate juice in cancer? The extensive research was conducted by the Californian scientists and it was found that the unique substances contained in pomegranate fruits contribute to the destruction of cancer cells and help to control the spread of metastases. Nowadays, the pomegranate is used in the manufacture of a number of drugs and is also recommended for all patients who have faced with this unpleasant disease.
  • The benefits of pomegranate juice can also be used by people suffering from cystitis, pyelonephritis, edama. Being a natural diuretic, it lowers the blood pressure that is especially important for hypertension sufferers. Natural pomegranate juice also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, it helps to quickly relieve unpleasant symptoms of diseases of the urinary and genital systems.
  • Pomegranate juice is indispensable after toxic liver damage. It is known that it is able to remove radionuclides, poisonous substances, it contributes to the rapid outflow of bile. Moreover, pomegranate juice has a positive effect on the entire digestive system and is very useful for people with low stomach acidity.

However, don't forget that any, even the most beneficial product, should be used in a measured way.  "Everything is poison and everything is medicine," said the famous Paracelsus, implying that only the dose determines the end result. For example, it is possible to give the pomegranate juice for babies only from 5-6 months and only diluted with water, it will help to avoid allergies. The restrictions are also applied to adults. The harm of pomegranate juice may be as follows:

  • It is strictly not recommended to use pomegranate juice for people suffering from pancreatitis, hyperacidity, and peptic ulcer.
  • Pomegranate juice contraindications are also applied to consumers suffering from costiveness. Being an excellent treatment for diarrhea, it can only worsen the state of stool retention due to the presence of tannin.
  • People with marked defects of the enamel should also refuse to use the product. The concentrated pomegranate juice is able to destroy the enamel of even healthy teeth, so it is worth to drink it with care, and it is better to buy a final product, safe for the body.

AZNAR factory has been producing pomegranate juice since 1969. We know all the nuances of technology, use only natural raw materials, and supply our products to various countries around the world. If you want to buy pomegranate juice from Azerbaijan, favour Grante brand. You will personally make sure of its excellent taste qualities, also will note health improvement soon after the beginning of regular consumption. Pomegranate juice is undoubtedly beneficial for the body in winter when the lack of vitamins and the sun is particularly keenly felt. However, it is an indispensable product at any time of year. Try Grante pomegranate juice and you will never be able to drink packaged nectars from reconstituted raw materials again.

We invite everyone who wants to buy pomegranate juice in glass bottles from Azerbaijan to our and our partner's stores. You can order online and get your goods with delivery in Moscow, as well as find salespoints on the map in any city of Russia. Buy high-quality and natural juice, trust only to reliable suppliers. You can always check the information on our website, and here are some tips on how to choose pomegranate juice: glass bottle, sugar-free composition, impurities and chemical additives free. There is only natural directly squeezed pomegranate juice and nothing more in products of Grante brand, . Try it once and you won't be able to forget this delicious taste. We always say that the best pomegranate juice is the natural one, which has absorbed the sunlight of the fertile land of Azerbaijan. Ruby red, fragrant, healthy, and amazingly delicious. Enjoy yourself, try the products of the AZNAR factory, in order to never doubt that the real pomegranate juice is Grante.